How to start working out in 7 days even if you think

1) Workouts are not for you
2) You are the laziest person
3) You have failed 1000 times before

Why do 80% of people fail to start or continue any physical activity?
How can you change this and enjoy your workouts?

  • Have you ever heard yourself saying: I will start working out "next Monday," "next week," "in the New Year," “when my project is finished,” “when I change my work routine,” etc? But that time never comes…
  • Or maybe you said that you do not have enough energy and motivation to start exercising?
  • Or perhaps you don't even have a clear goal and you don't know why you really need it?

Does it sound familiar to you?

These are very common reasons why people do not start exercising or quit after their first workout:

  • No energy
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of time
  • No favorite workout

Why does this happen?

The problem is at the very beginning: in our mindset and in wrong goals. 

The media often shapes an attitude and offers solutions that, for example, are not right for us at all. Maybe at the moment it is very trendy to go to the gym? You see a lot of people achieving really good results there. Or maybe your friend goes to yoga and enjoys it?

That doesn’t mean it will work for you at all! 

If you don't know why it's important to you, most likely you will lose motivation very quickly and stop working out. Then you feel completely powerless to start over again.

Maybe you were already there?

When the media, your friends or loved ones know best what you should do?

How to get the pleasure and motivation power of workouts without pushing yourself hard?

To answer this question you need to discover more information about yourself:

  • What blocks (fears, inner beliefs, body complexes, etc.) do you have and why do they stop you from any physical activity? How to convert them to your power solutions?
  • What motivates you from inside? Do you know WHY you want to do it?
  • How to create an external motivation system that is customized only for you?
  • What goals do you want to reach? What rewards will you get?
  • What is your favorite workout? How to find it?
  • How do you measure your progress?
  • How to prepare for workouts and eliminate all excuses easier and see results faster?

Only then you can really begin to enjoy your workout and
it won’t matter at all whether it’s just active leisure or serious sports.
If you like it and it helps you achieve a goal, that’s all you need!

Thus, the question is 

Would you like to start working out and
have more energy, motivation, time and
be more productive in daily tasks?


The 7-step FITaFUN Workout Starter Plan

This is the only Workout Starter Plan made exclusively to start working out with pleasure and fun

Here is what FITaFUN Workout Starter Plan includes:

You will find out what your inner blocks, beliefs, fears are and how to overcome them to start working out.

You will find out how to motivate yourself from inside and how you can create external motivation tools.

You will know how to prepare for your workouts to make them faster and easier to see results.

You will set real, smart and achievable goals and create your own reward system.

You will learn how to measure your important progress in an easy and customized way.

You will find workout types that you love and that suit your needs.

You will save a lot of time because the plan is automated - very fast and easy to use.

It focuses on only the most important information and practices, without a lot of long and boring theory.

How it works

For 7 days, you will be working with one topic per day. A short introduction to the topic and interesting practice. Just 7 easy steps to complete the whole plan.

Daily practice

In the practice, you will find tasks with questions that are automated and easy to do.

The end result

You will get individual, continuous and pleasurable workout motivation, result measuring, goal-setting tools that will help even the busiest entrepreneurs and workout beginners make that first step into an active, energetic and healthy lifestyle.
After seven days, you will have all the answers you need, there will be no more excuses and you will be able to really enjoy your workouts. 


Kierston Kelly 

I found the content very good, very thorough and informative, lots of useful information and it has made me think about getting exercise into my life especially something I enjoy and want to do not have to do.

I like the colours on the website and it is nice and clear and simple to read.

Good luck, I wish you the best in your venture.


Marrisa Abao 

I love the pace of the Fit and Fun program. It was manageable. I liked that the program took into consideration the likes and dislikes of the readers. It did not impose that there is only one way to stay fit and healthy. It helped me to decide what type of exercise is best for me. The answer is walking. I also love that there are tables where I can track my progress. If you are looking for a self-paced program that would help you to be healthier, I would recommend to check out Fit and Fun by Aiste.


Eva Doganoc 

The course seems very useful to me in general, mainly because most people suffer from a lack of motivation, do not stick to the goals we set and do not commit. So for someone looking for this, the course is great. Above all, all the exercises in the tables and all the pre-prepared answers help a lot. Everything is clear and understandable, the texts are not too long, which is good. Just the right amount of texts and tasks.


Alyx Valdal 

Exercises were really good, and the workbook as well. Excel dropdowns and then auto-populate were excellent.

Daily exercise tasks were extremely bite-size and manageable.


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About the Author

Aiste Jokub

I’m Aiste Jokub, the founder of and the author of the 7-step Workout Starter Plan. Let me share with you my story why I created it.

I spent 10 years being very active as a dancer, then the next 10 years sitting in front of a computer all day every day as a digital advertising and digital business manager. I lived two very different kinds of life – with different results for my health.

I always wanted to enjoy my workouts. However, for me it was always a challenge to stay motivated and keep working out. I couldn't find the time or I had other excuses to continue not working out.

It took me quite a long time to realize that working out was really useful and valuable to my whole life. It was only when I started moving that I noticed a marked change in my health and mood. Not to mention more productivity at work, less stress and better quality of sleep.

I understood that the real issue was not about finding time but finding motivation. When I understood my inner drives, my goals and which activity suited me the best, doing regular exercise was much easier. I asked myself:  “Why do I want to exercise?” “What do I want to achieve while exercising?” “What do I really want to do to stay fit and healthy?”.

I discovered some really good tips and tricks to save time and it changed my approach forever. These were the keys that helped me to start moving successfully and most importantly continue doing it with pleasure and fun. 

Now I want to share those findings with you. Over the last 4 years I was working on a program that could be easily adapted by anyone. I rewrote this program from scratch at least 4 times and now it is ready to help people like you to start your active lifestyle.

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