I have never enjoyed sports surprised, for me it was a hard and joyless work. It’s like pushing yourself to do what is not fun. I guess this is because at school (like many children) I was forced to engage in uninteresting sports. Moreover, you needed to compete with others to get a better note or score, to reach better time. Did this approach have a lot of logic and benefit? My experience said no. Everyone had their own individual physical capabilities and, in my opinion, such a system was not suitable for increasing the physical activity of children. I did not enjoy physical education lessons, so I did not attend them. Because of this choice I had conflicts with my teacher. I just did not enjoy coercion and such a system. At that time, I was taking dance classes and my body had a considerable amount of physical load, which helped maintain a positive balance of energy and well-being. First of all, when you do what you like, you do not need to push yourself, fight your own will, etc. It just comes naturally, as it should be.

When I started studying and immersed deeply into the studies, I quit dancing and all other activities. I was concentrating on intellectual activity, therefore I started spending more and more time on the computer. This experience has given me the professional knowledge and some career achievements, but the body was quick to remind me of the fact that it wasn't getting a physical load. I had difficulties taking any physical load, neck pain began, muscles got worse. The most important thing was that the mood and satisfaction of life became worse. Then I realized that staying active was more than just about beautiful body lines or competition. I decided that, after all, one of the two things would have to be done: either to accept everything or to change everything for the better well-being. Well, I wanted and needed to do sports but the main question which appeared to me was: how to do it pleasantly and cheerfully?

More activities

Spontaneously I started trying different activities: callanetics exercise, gym, jogging, walking, yoga, Kayla Itsines program, swimming, roller skating, “suping” and so on. Since I had to travel a lot and change my place of residence I could never bind to one location. I have noticed that changing activities and turning them into an adventure, I could easily stay motivated and keep going because I just did not need to push myself anymore. Well, in truth, sometimes I still do, but now it is a pleasure. When I began to see how body lines change, I started feeling proud of myself, isn't it the best result of an investment? I became more motivated, more self-confident because when you try new activities it opens new opportunities and most importantly broadens the view and shows you that you can do something more.

If activity was fun

Having acquired this experience, I came up with an idea to share a variety of activities (how interestingly it is possible to move) with others. What would happen if other people were inspired today to walk instead of taking a bus, go swimming instead of watching another movie? What if that physical activity was fun and interesting? It is really not necessary to hide in the gym to get the abs, it is even not necessary to have them to feel better. What is important does not hide outside, it is inside. If you feel better inside from a little bit of moving, that’s already an indicator that your efforts are enough. I am more concerned about improving the energy of the whole body to feel better in this way. Because when you feel better all other areas of life automatically improve because everything starts from the inside.

But in practice, not always everything is so easy, sometimes it’s difficult to motivate yourself to live healthier, it’s very human. Motivation comes and goes. It’s important to keep staying active. I often thought that I no longer wanted to continue what I started, but I always knew that if I move or have some activities at least one time today, I would feel better. The wish to feel better is what encourages me to move. Health and beauty begin from inside: what we eat, drink or think and how we move. Already today one thing can be done to enhance your inner beauty and health.

I think that sharing our experience of how we can move interestingly and fun, we can inspire each other to move as well as improve the living and well-being of others!

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About the author

A Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200H) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS).

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