Recently, it has become a rather popular thing. I think it’s popular because the challenges often do not last long. So they are easy to overcome and another thing is that they act as a self-test to see if I am really able to do it.

Currently, you can try various challenges from jogging to yoga, from individual to group training. According to every taste. Challenges have pluses and minuses like everything else in the world. Actually, I discovered this type of sport quite recently and I really liked it. Earlier, I simply could not continue my usual activities, just got bored of doing the same thing.

Challenges require to move only for a certain period of time, so when the endpoint is known, it is always easier to achieve the result. It helped me a lot, so I’ll share my experience with advantages and disadvantages, and if you have not tried yet, you can decide if this is right for you or not.

So I’ll start with minuses:

  • Very heavy load. If you start an activity and decide to join a very active challenge, for example, long-distance running or sports programs with heavy weights, it’s certain that your body will be overloaded over a short period of time. It is always recommended to start a challenge with lower load and increase it gradually in order to prevent the body from getting shock.
  • Too short period of time. The time interval may be a minus if it is too short. For example, there is no need to start a sports program for just a few days or a week, it just will not bring any results. Does it make sense to take a challenge without potential results?
  • One-time event. If, after a challenge, we do not repeat it or continue doing sport, the results will quickly return to their original state. A challenge should be repeated or done more often, then we will have a long-term and clear result.

Well here are some pluses:

  • Ability to maintain motivationWhen we know exactly that our program finishes in 3 months (the end point of activity), which greatly helps to keep attention and motivation. Then the chances to complete the workouts and achieve results are increased.
  • Limited period of timeTherefore, the time period is also a plus. We know that we don’t have to exercise all the time, and we commit ourselves to moving only for the intended time period (1, 2 or 3 months). When we know that workouts will take a shorter time, it will be easier to complete them.
  • Self-test. It’s like a trail of will. We can train and be responsible not only for ourselves and if we are involved in a group challenge but also against others. The sports challenges develop great human qualities which help everywhere else.

To me, these three pluses completely outweigh the minuses, so my challenges have become very effective.

I started my own home-based 3-month Kayla Itsines fitness program. Although nobody directly said this program was a challenge, for me it was a personal 3-month test of will, which I did 3 times (so total of 9 months). I had never been able to exercise for a long time before it but doing this program I found doing sports much easier. When I knew the exact endpoint the motivation was higher, so it was possible to finish it completely and achieve results.

Also, I started doing yoga challenges which are led by a trainer on a YouTube channel. I noticed that in such a way it is also easier to maintain motivation and continue doing workout. Therefore, I think the point is not in the workout itself, but rather in the system of training. We can choose any kind of fun activity and challenge ourselves to do it only for a certain period of time and our results will improve significantly.

Challenges helped me to do activities more effectively. Have you tried to challenge yourself and did it help you to keep your attention and motivation? Share your opinion in comments section.

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About the author

A Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200H) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS).

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