When deciding to start a sport everything seems very cool and easy at first. We create a plan and we think that everything will be easy, fast and we will achieve our sport goals. Such a feeling appears in the very beginning but later a variety of challenges comes that makes our motivation start to fluctuate very much. Plans and desires come to an end, it starts to be hard to continue. Have you ever had that? I really had this more than once. I’m trying to get around the difficulties that I have to deal with and work with. Once you know what’s going on with you, it’s just the first step towards changing habits. Everyone is different, so what will be very hard for one person, it might be very easy for other. I think it is important not to look at others better to concentrate on our own challenges, which prevent us from moving. Below the main challenges that I or people in my environment have faced, maybe you will recognize yourself in these descriptions. Most often it is just the thoughts that keep us from the results.

There is no time or desire to leave home for sports

After a regular job, we want to spend more leisure time with pleasure and just relax. One rarely associates sports with rest and quiet time. Of course, it’s possible to move gently but when you feel tired you do not want to go anywhere from home. When I came across this challenge, I solved it very simply: I started doing sports at home (from fitness programs to yoga, as well as cardio workouts are perfectly done at home) even without any equipment. It saves me a lot of time and makes me feel better. This routine is especially helpful when I am traveling, I can do workout where I am staying.


As I wrote earlier, motivation comes and goes. Previously, I always thought that a person does most when they are motivated, but when I realized that motivation is often only a short-term effect, it helped me to concentrate more. Now I know that if there is no motivation, this is a normal process and I just have to continue my workouts. As I do not need the motivation for teeth cleaning, it’s just a habit. Sport should be nothing more just a habit. It is said that a habit develops after 21 days, consistently doing so.


This subject is often closely related to motivation. When we lack it, we start workout inconsistently and only when motivation comes. The problem is that motivation can come rarely or not at all. We disbalance our plan and we do not have the results we want. Here is how I struggled with this challenge: I chose a program that is exactly planned (on what days I need to do workout), it helps me to concentrate and just do the workout without thinking about it. When there is no plan, it’s very easy to miss the workout, the brain will always choose rest.


Often, the idea of age leads to inappropriate beliefs. If a person thinks that they are too old to exercise usually such a person will not even start to do it. In fact, any age group can find a pleasant activity which would encourage them to move and could bring benefits. Basic dog walking is already beneficial to humans. Movement is human nature that gives a benefit at any age.

Fear of mistakes and not achieving the result

This is another reason not to start workout or anything in life. The fear of failure is so big that just immobilizes a person. Here is how I’m struggling with this challenge: I choose not to achieve the result but to enjoy the process. Then there is no fear of making a mistake and not achieving the result. I decide to do sports for feeling better every day. This feeling of wellness motivates me and helps me to do the next workout. There is one saying: to achieve the result without achieving it. If one can enjoy the process and forget the result, it will come as a consequence of the process.

I hope my experience and techniques will help you to overcome these challenges and make the workouts more useful and enjoyable. I believe that there are many more challenges because each person is different, so it would be interesting to know what challenges you are facing while exercising and how you try to fight them.

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About the author

A Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200H) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS).

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