Montanejos is a small town in the mountains (about 70 km from Valencia, Spain) with natural water springs and wild pools. Outstanding views: mountains, cliffs, lots of greenery, clear water. Isn’t it paradisesmile

What can be done in this mysterious natural space? Everyone can discover various activities according to their needs, from relaxation at pools to extreme swimming in the river with kayaks. We climbed up the mountain in this place and enjoyed wild pools. We walked about 10 km in total, it was not fewer or more than we walked on similar trips. The weather was cooler, it was especially good for walking, so the most important thing is to pay attention to weather conditions in summer because walking in midday in the heat of the sun can turn into suffering. Our route coverage was from the town to the climbing of the mountain. We did not have a specific route, so we improvised and we walked paths which we saw. (For greater distances you can prepare more seriously with the wikiloc app).

After the walk, we decided to refresh ourselves in the water pools. The water was quite cold, but it perfectly refreshed us on a warm summer day. At noon there is a lot of people, so we needed to arrive earlier in the morning for more privacy. We also had a supboard with which we sailed in the same pool. Boating with a board is two in one: sport and recreation. In this place you cannot do long distances because the river is with dams. However, it is possible to turn small circles and do local sightseeing.

We love to spend our free time actively, so we try to see and experience as much as possible. And this is always beneficial to the body because we can give the body physical load in the most pleasant way while actively spending our time. The funny thing is that you never know from where the endorphins come: from sporting activities or from captivating sights and new experiences. And if it merges into one, there is a wonderful life experience that I want to repeat many times.

Beautiful nature… I think I have to come back to this place spend more time and try new activities. I definitely recommend this place! wink

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