How do you think is it easier or harder to do sport during a trip? On the one hand, we have more time, on the other hand, it is the time we want to dedicate to other things because that‘s the reason we went on a journey to begin with.

When I’m on the trip my entire routine changes: I wake up later and I allow myself to eat less healthy food and I also skip my workouts. Beautiful landscapes, great food, perfect weather, vibrant nightlife and so on –  these things pull us into the beautiful world of vacations. It‘s ok to relax, do nothing and enjoy all the fun.  But what do we do if we want to stick to our routine? How do we find time for everything?

Recently I have noticed that I am happier if I also do some sport on a trip. For me one important thing is that workouts should be a natural process on my trip. It should not be stressful or a hard self-push. So I choose maybe not the same sport program as I do at home, but rather some interesting activities that would help increase my overall physical load.

Below I list things which help me to maintain physical activity naturally without much hassle.

Hotel gym

This one is the easiest one but for me it is also the boring one. There is no need to search or think about other activities if the hotel has its gym. And of course this is very suitable when there is no time especially on business trips. But if I’m on a longer trip I choose other more enjoyable ways to do sport.


I like running. So for me, this thing is always a solution. Especially when I am on a leisure trip. This activity is pleasant and gives a lot of benefits. I like to run in the morning so the hardest thing on vacations is getting up earlier. But when I do that I always feel happier and have more energy.


If you do not like running, for you walking can be a solution. Walking is a very natural thing but if we choose to walk more we can achieve very good benefits. I like walking maybe more than running. I try to walk long distances and see all new surrounding areas on foot (if it is possible). After it I feel like after a full workout,  my dogs really bark. So I think it’s a quite effective and natural way to stay active.

Active freetime

When I am on a leisure trip I always choose to spend my time actively. Of course I only do things that I like. For example hiking in the mountains or paddle boarding. It brings not only lots of good emotions and new experiences but also great benefits for the body. Most importantly it‘s done without pushing oneself but only with pleasure (if you choose what you really like).

Recently yoga has become one activity which I like doing everywhere (at home or on my trips). That‘s why I say when we find our favorite activity, everything becomes easier. When you really love your activity, you don‘t think about it, you just do it and enjoy it.

One important thing which helps me when I want to do sport on a trip is planning it in advance. If I do my workout at the last minute there is a big chance that I will miss it. I have done it so many times. Now I like to plan and it really helps to stick to a routine.

Share your opinion if you like doing sport on a trip. What activities are best for you?

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A Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200H) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS).

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