One can have a lot of things depending on the type of activity. But without a few things I cannot imagine my workouts. Most of all I like such workouts when you can train with your weight or do various outdoor activities, so the list of necessary items is small.

Sportswear and footwear

First of all, I cannot imagine my training without proper clothing and comfortable footwear. Earlier it didn‘t matter to me at all how my workout clothes looked, usually it used to be not sport clothes at all, but rather ordinary clothes in which it was convenient to move. Over time, I realized that it was important for me not only to wear comfortable clothes but also beautiful ones. In beautiful clothes I always feel better and it motivates me to move forward. I noticed that when I buy something nice, a desire immediately appears to use it for training as soon as possible. This is a great way to motivate oneself! Well, proper and comfortable footwear is also very important. This can help prevent injuries and help your body more easily adapt to physical activity, such as running. First of all, I think it is necessary to invest in good athletic shoes if you want to have quality workouts.

Water bottle

As I have been drinking a lot of water, I have had to try a wide range of containers from glasses and cups to water bottles. I noticed that if a water bottle is pleasant, comfortable and of good quality I use it more often. This means that it helps maintain the correct intake of water. I am very satisfied with the water bottle that I am using at the moment, it is from borosilicate glass which is considered the healthiest material. It is also said that this glass is resistant to heat and cold, so it is possible to fill it with both hot and cold drinks. Another plus of it that the water bottle has a silicone pad, which makes it easier to carry it with you. For now, this is my best found product on the market.

Yoga mat

This is the main and probably the only tool I use in my exercise. Since my favorite exercises are with my weight, it’s perfect for me to have a yoga mat for all the exercises I need. I mostly do fitness and yoga or just stretching exercises. It’s true that I chose a thicker one that‘s why the workouts became of better quality and more enjoyable. Again, as I said before, high-quality items always help to achieve the goals of the workout and feel better after that.


Such an everyday thing like a phone is also great help. During the training, I set up the timer on my phone, listen to the music and follow my fitness program. So without a phone, my workout doesn‘t happen. In workout having a phone is more convenient than having a computer. With a phone I can do a workout where I want and I do not have to carry a lot of things with myself. The most important thing is to create comfort and a phone is the best way for me to do so especially when I travel a lot.

I’ve listed the most important things which I always need for my workouts. The most attention I pay to quality, practicality and beauty. With the right things workout becomes more efficient and more enjoyable. What also matters to me is the opportunity to easily exercise while traveling, that‘s why I have a small list of things which I can take with me. At home I have no weights or any extra equipment. I like to engage in a variety of activities that do not require additional equipment, e.g. jogging (only proper footwear is needed for the workout to be effective, so jogging is one of my favorite sports). What about you? Share your list of items you use for sports. What things are the most important to you during your workouts?

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About the author

A Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200H) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS).

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