I hope yesterday you were able to find your most important answers why you don’t start exercising. What were your blocks? A conscious understanding of your problem is already the first step towards solving it.

The first hardest step has already been taken. From now on, the more pleasant part of self-knowledge will begin. 

Today we are going to dive into the acquaintance of our inner motivation. This is the root of your actions. This is why you want to exercise. Usually we don’t think too much about this part. That is why sometimes you are distracted and do not understand why motivation suddenly disappears after starting a workout.

But intrinsic motivation is really our foundation. When you have a solid foundation everything is much easier. You no longer have to push yourself hard to exercise. Because you already know why it matters to you. 

Today you will try to find out why this is important to you, not to your friend or family member, but to yourself. Because everything you do, you do for yourself.

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