This is a very intense (sometimes less intense) workout.

The body moves quickly with the goal of moving all the muscles of the body and reducing body weight. Examples of such workouts are well known to everyone: running, fast walking, swimming, skiing, biking, etc.

These activities need space and good conditions. But sometimes you simply do not want to go anywhere from home.

So, the question is: is it possible to do these workouts at home?

Answer: Really possible! It’s also easy and simple to do these workouts in a comfortable place thus keeping your exercise routine. Below, I described four variants of cardio training at home.


Various videos available online (or elsewhere), for example on YouTube channel. It can help you train at home with cardio workouts as well as professional coaches can help you get your workout done properly and effectively without leaving your home.

From aerobics, Zumba, dance to special cardio workouts, the choice is very large and everyone can find something according to their taste.

Training with videos is a convenient way to do workouts, which gives you the freedom to practice where you want thus keeping your routine.


All kinds of jumps are a great way not only to warm the body but also to do a cardio workout.

Most of all I like to use a jump rope which makes it easy to complete this activity and at the same time it creates a very effective workout.

This kind of workout is really easy to do anywhere, not only at home but also on the go.
The most important thing is to choose your favorite exercise variation.


What is the difference between a sequence of exercises and just jumping?

It is a workout that involves more movements, including jumps. A much wider range of movements makes the workout more interesting.

The moves may include squats, some abdominal exercises, push-ups, large arm waves.
Ordinary movements become part of a cardio workout just because exercises are performed quickly and often at the specific time.

So the body not only heats up faster but also burns more calories.


If at home we have a treadmill or a bike, then we can also do cardio exercises at home.

It’s very useful for weight loss and body fitness but they often become boring.

And more often, just a giant clothes hanger at home. laughinglaughinglaughing

If a person is sufficiently motivated to use the equipment at home and they are able to continue such workouts, this can certainly be a very useful and great way to do cardio workouts.

Truth is if there are an opportunity and time my best cardio workout is jogging.
Particularly jogging in the fresh air, such as in the park or by the sea, it gives me a great energy boostcoolsmile

But when the weather is bad or there is no time, the best way to have a cardio for me is jumps. It’s just most convenient and can be combined with any other programs that I do at home.

The jump rope, a simple forgotten in childhood thing, now has become a great help for me in more active workouts at home.

Do you do cardio workouts at home and if yes which variations are the best for you?

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A Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200H) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS).

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