I met Greta accidentally but I know it was for a reason. We found a lot in common about active lifestyle. It’s great to get to know new people who like the same things and can be inspiration for others. Greta is a fitness instructor, physiotherapist and sport nutrition specialist and has a passion of active lifestyle. She believes in healthy movement and its advantages for both physical and mental health. Her goal is to promote healthy physical activity among people who are leading sedentary lifestyle.

That’s why I decided that sharing her knowledge about sport can help others to move more and live a healthier life. This is our first interview for the purpose of getting acquainted and obtaining more information about activities, motivation and how to achieve our workout goals. In the next few articles, Greta will tell about diet, workouts, sport secrets and more.
So I want to introduce Greta not only as a guest for this interview but also as a specialist who will advise you personally or through the upcoming articles.
Stay tuned for updates and new texts, and find out all the secrets from a professional sport trainer first hand.

Which physical activities do you like the most?

I am open to any kind of activities. When I was in high school I did track and field, sprint and javelin throw, tried paddling and fitness in gym as well. This summer I started kickboxing and fell in love with it, besides I am doing pilates, yoga and functional workouts. I am sure that a variety of activities is the best way to achieve healthy movement.

Which benefits do you get from your workouts? How does sport affect your life?

Firstly, I get an energy bomb after every workout no matter how tired I was before, therefore improving mood is the main thing of the workout for me. Secondly, I feel stronger and because of that – more confident. I do not work out to get into a better shape, I do so to feel better in all ways and good looks comes after that. I am not that kind of person who cannot survive even one day without some activity, sometimes I also like to lay down and not do anything, however after many years I realised that physical activity affects me positively and I try to get these benefits as often as possible. 
By the way, it does not necessarily have to be a workout. On a daily basis I prefer going to work by bike, meeting with friends at volleyball courts or just using stairs instead of escalator or lift. There are a lot of ways to stay active, everything is up to you.

Workout with Greta

How do you motivate yourself to continue your workouts?

I do not need to, it is in my week routine and it is as important as eating or sleeping. The main thing in order to keep motivation, I think, is finding a place where you belong, where you can feel free and do everything with love and passion. Only good emotions can motivate you to be more active. If you do not feel comfortable in your fitness class or somewhere else – maybe it is time to change the place?

Why did you decide to be a trainer?

My main speciality is physical therapy. I always wanted to help people physically and sport activities have always been a part of my life, therefore I went for the happy medium and became a physical therapist with a fitness instructor licence. I enjoy watching progress of a person’s body and health changes and love to see their smile after that. Maybe in the future I will become sports physical therapist.

How do you think which basic mistakes people make when they start exercising?

  • Overtraining;
  • Learning exercises from the Internet or choosing more popular but less professional fitness instructor;
  • Choosing exclusively only one sphere of physical activity: if they choose resistance workout they do not do cardio or stretching workouts and vice versa, however, all of it is vital for healthy movement;
  • Expecting significant results after one week;
  • Suddenly quitting if they do not like inicial workouts and not looking for other activities after that.

Which is more important: a good diet or more intense workout for someone who wants to be fit?

70 % of the result is influenced by balanced nutrition and only 30 % belongs to physical activity. My golden rule is that ‘more intense’ does not mean ‘better’ and pain after the workout does not mean ‘training went well’. Actually, it means that you damaged your muscle fibers more than you should and after that you need more time to recover.

How long does it take for someone to get good fitness results?

It depends on how strict your physical activity is and what is your diet routine. If you need only changes in appearance then good results could show up even after the first month, if you need more strength or endurance – it could take a bit more time, everything is up to you and your strong will.

Workout with Greta

Your best tips how to start workouts and to keep motivation.

  • Think, discuss with yourself and prioritize what is the most important to you. You should realise that good health is given just once and you have to appreciate it if you want to feel good in old age. You will start making changes in your life then.
  • Read, listen, watch various fitness or healthy lifestyle articles, shows and blogs. You will find a lot of interesting people to follow. You can gain your motivation from them. Remember, not all of them are good specialists, do not believe every word they say. However, they all want you to start your way to a healthier life and fitness can help you push yourself a little bit further.
  • Try to find a sports companion with whom you could share your experience, thoughts and maybe do workouts together. This way you can help and motivate each other as well as have fun in every workout you do.
  • If you think you do not know a lot about health and fitness – find a good fitness instructor. This could be your first step and the best choice for the workout start.
  • Sometimes a new pair of running shoes or just an interesting fitness application on your phone can also boost your motivation for working out.

As I know, at the moment you are organizing workouts in Valencia. Can you tell more about it?

This autumn I made a project of encouraging people to increase their physical activity. While I am far away from my motherland Lithuania and enjoying long lasting sunny days in Valencia I have a great opportunity to arrange some workouts outside, on the beach. All autumn, every Wednesday at 18:00 I am doing whole body functional workout in Malvarrosa Beach (near Beachbol bar). Workouts are free, therefore everybody is welcome to join us and do a great workout with a beautiful view of the beach. Workouts are of moderate intensity and suits everyone.

Workout with Greta

Is sport an integral part of your life? How much do you exercise now and how much do you want to do it in the future?

I am doing sports 3 – 5 times per week, however, to keep fit I try to move more every day, for example, instead using lift or escalator I choose stairs, instead of a car or a bus I travel by bike if there is such a possibility etc. You do not have to do sports alone to stay fit. Your health depends on what you do every day and how you live in general.
You can meet Greta every Wednesday at 18:00 in Malvarrosa Beach (near Beachbol bar) or find her on instagram: @greta.eta
Thank you Greta!