Is it possible to relax and do sport at the same time? Of course yes. When we do our favorite activities we can relax and do a workout at the same time. Spending my spare time actively is the best thing for me. When I work a lot with the computer, I especially want to move more and experience something new in my free time.

Active and enjoyable leisure can be a great way to do workout pleasantly. And the point is to have fun when we move. I mostly like to be active on the ground or on the water in nice warm weather. However, there are also great activities during the winter, in the mountains, for example, skiing. I think it might be worth trying it. So the kind of activities I choose and what I like best, I described below.


I have recently discovered this activity which is paddling on the board in the water. It will soon be a year as I have been doing this form of entertainment from time to time. What training will be it often depends on water conditions, if the water is calm, paddling will also be calmer, but muscles will still work.

Currently, we are paddling only at sea, if the sea is stormy and wavy, then there is usually something to do. I like both the calm and the wavy sea, although the activity itself is different, in both cases the body is forced to move. In the calm sea you can relax more and even meditate, however, in the stormy sea your thoughts are just cleared up by the power and energy of the waves. This activity gives me pleasure, especially when I was in Mallorca and tried paddleboarding in beautiful water, it felt like a 10km of jogging. So for me, this activity is pleasure and sport in one.

In the calm sea you can relax more and even meditate, however, in the stormy sea your thoughts are just cleared up by the power and energy of the waves. This activity gives me pleasure, especially when I was in Mallorca and tried paddle boarding in beautiful water, it felt like a 10km jog. So for me, this activity is pleasure and sport in one.

Mountain Hiking

A long walk is always a challenge, especially when traveling on extended and new routes. Last time we crossed our 20km on hard roads. But the time spent was great and fun. Of course, it was a sufficient challenge to our bodies. 

For such activities, it is necessary to prepare good shoes, comfortable clothes and some food with water. It’s a good idea to go with a friend company, then the road does not last long and is much more fun. When you reach the highest point of the trail you feel as if you have overcome the feat and the beautiful views around are like a gift for a job done well.

Every Day Walking

I had already written about walking several times before. It is still one of my favorite activities, which helps me to move, clean up negative thoughts and get to know new places. I had to start walking when I got a dog because I needed to but after that I fell in love with it.

Walking looks so simple and natural that nobody even pays it too much attention. But if we sometimes choose to walk instead of taking a car or public transport all the time, maybe then we will feel the benefits of walking.

I often do this, especially in good weather (since I live in Spain, here the good weather is almost constant) I choose walking instead of using transport. I walk approximately 5km which is in my opinion neither too much nor too little, but to a person who works a lot with a computer (me), that’s enough to feel the benefits of walking.

The only minus is the time because walking takes more time than going by public or private transport. However, if there is enough time, I always choose to walk.


When I think of cycling, pictures of Germany where my parents live always arise in my head. I mostly ride a bike when I visit them. Maybe that‘s because they have good bikes. Or maybe it‘s because they live far away from the city, surrounded by greenery and water pools.

For me, it is a great pleasure to ride a bicycle through all those meadows, villages and water pools surrounding their home. My route is usually about 15km and all this distance passes like meditation and recovery in nature.

Riding a bike gives you a very similar feeling to walking, only this process is much faster and it is possible to go further. Benefits to the body are also greater than from walking. You can visit interesting places by bike where it is impossible to get to by car. It is clean and useful transport for the human body.

Swimming Pool and Sauna

This activity is definitely associated with rest. When could this activity turn into a sport? Just choose a spa with a larger swimming pool. Then you can do more swimming in the pool. Swimming is good enough workout that trains muscles that you may not be able to do in any other exercise. So what can be better, when you can go swimming in the pool and then immediately relax in the sauna? Workout + rest, it’s possible. 

There are quite a few simple ways to spend your free time, such as walking and cycling, which can be both fun and enjoyable. The most important thing in all of these activities is body movement. Our goal is to move the body without coercion and with pleasure. Sometimes we only need time and good company to have a good time and not feel like we’re doing sports.

Do you like to actively spend your free time? It would be interesting to find out what are the most enjoyable and effective ways you choose to spend your leisure time?

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