This topic has become relevant to me because I travel often. In my trips, I always lose fitness routine because there is so much excitement and action around. I want to know more about a new culture so I try a lot of new dishes that are not quite healthy for example sweets. In such situation, I try to have more active time on the trip (for example I do many steps during the day). If we have a fitness program and goals, then the question is how to keep the same routine on the trip?

Think about Time and Place

First of all, before traveling I have to think about where and when I can do sports. If the hotel has a gym then it is always possible to use it. Another option is to exercise with your own weight. Then the place is not an important thing for workouts because exercises can be done even in the hotel room. The next step is to think what is right for you: to do exercise in the morning or in the evening. Sometimes it is difficult to find the time during the day. For me the best time is in the morning. When I come back in the evening after a long day, my head is full and body is tired that moment I just want a rest. So it is always difficult to do workout in that state. I choose the morning and a little easier workout.

Prepare Clothes

Be sure to bring sportswear with you, as much as you need it. Without clothes one is more likely to miss workout. It’s best to pick up not the lightest clothes to fit in the suitcase but your favorites because then you will have more motivation.

Prepare your Training Programs

If you do sports with some kind of program (for example, Kayla Itsines or video clips), then upload all files to a convenient location where you can quickly reach them. For example, when you are traveling without a computer, it would be convenient to store data on your phone for quick access. Youtube videos or other websites can be saved in the favorite section of your computer or phone. It is also convenient to have a paper version of a training program. This step saves a lot of time and it is great because on the trip we need more time to see new things.

Prepare your Favorite Music

What can motivate more than music? I always skip this step but when the time comes to do workout and I don’t have music then this thing always takes extra time for me. I found a way out: it is radio. But if you have your favorite songs it can be a good tip to think ahead and prepare your favorite music. Music is excellent, it motivates and can help us achieve the desired goals.

Pre-plan Activities

This point can help prevent unknowingness. Writing a plan what, on what days and which workouts I need to do can save some time. When you have a plan you go to work out and just follow the instructions. Noting the results is also very helpful. This advice is more suitable for people who do different workouts.

However, if your journey is very active, it’s a good idea not to have additional workout because for the body it can be overly stressful. There will be more harm than benefit. Anyway if you want to relax, just passively rest, it’s completely normal to miss workouts. In this article I had in mind the situations where a person has to travel frequently, not only for pleasure but also for work. In this way, you want to maintain your activity and not lose the regime. It all depends on the situation, it is important to properly evaluate it and ask yourself what kind of time you want when you are traveling and how you can be more proud of yourself.

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A Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200H) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS).

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