I think it is important to do what you really like.

It’s great when you can enjoy doing exercises and achieve better results. Exercising should not be forced or self-torture because it never brings great results that way.

When we enjoy it we achieve everything easier and simpler.

Finding more fun activities gives us more motivation, expands our worldview, brings new people and improves our quality of life.

There is no one activity that suits all people.  For example, jogging remains popular all the time, but it does not really mean that everyone needs to do it. What is suitable for one person, may not be suitable for other. There are so many different kinds of exercising, so how to find which activity you would like personally

First of all, I think we have to understand our need, which would be useful to us and give us more pleasure than suffering.

Everyone can move because this is in our nature. Doing sports is not just going to the gym, there are many other ways to stay active and to have fun and pleasure. I will share my insights on how I find more enjoyable activities.

Only three questions (where, how and who with) can help you find your way to the higher level of activity.

WHERE? The place

The first thing I always consider is: where do I want to exercise? In my case, it is always at home (because it saves me a lot of time) or in nature, because the movement in nature gives me two pleasures: physical and spiritual.

The type of activity depends very much on the place we choose. The workout will be completely different in nature and in the gym. Maybe a workout in the gym will be more effective, but in my opinion, it is completely boring and I cannot force myself to go to the gym. Choosing a nice place can inspire us, or vice versa, disappoint us then the motivation for sports disappears.

So choose a place that is comfortable and nice for you.

HOW? Type of training

The only way to understand which types of training are right for us is to try them. Many sports clubs offer a free one-time trial, so it’s easy to try and find new styles of workout. 

In fact, quite recently I tried an indoor cycling group session, which was really unusual for me and it was my first attempt at this type of workout. I liked it, I was full of good emotions, but it was not the kind of sport that could become my routine.

However, as a former dancer, I like more graceful movement activities such as callanetics or yoga. I also like fitness exercise which I can do anywhere, but for me it’s not a very pleasant activity. But because of fitness efficiency, I often practice it. The kind of workouts we choose will most affect our satisfaction with them.

It is therefore worth taking time to try something new.

Answering the question of what kind of workout you would like: very active or slower can help to narrow the choice. Even walks in nature are a great way of exercising, which by the way, I also really love.

It is important to choose what we like so we will keep motivation longer and enjoy getting fit more.

WHO WITH? Individual or group workouts

There are a lot of people, mostly women, who can keep motivation when they go to group workouts. These workouts are really fun, such as aerobics, Zumba, callanetics, etc. However, I choose individual workouts that I can do anywhere in a convenient place in order to save time and keep my lifestyle (when I travel frequently)It is quite an important point because the satisfaction with the sport can depend directly on when we have more fun: doing sports alone or with other people.

I found my favorite activities when I looked at these three points, which make it easier for me to understand my personal needs.

It helped me to combine lifestyle with activity.

Some of my favorite activities have already been foundhowever, I still look for others and also attempt trying something new.

I’m interested in your opinion what kind of activities are best for you and how do you find them. Share your comments.

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About the author

A Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200H) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS).

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