How do you think is it important to have positive mindset? Does it help us achieve better fitness results? 

In my opinion good mindset is the first and the most important thing in our fitness journey. If we look positively at ourselves and our body we can do more and enjoy the process on the way. 

First of all I want to say, we all have bad moods and feelings. It’s normal to feel them all and more important is to allow them to be. Negation of reality creates more conflict inside. What we need is just to accept ourselves as we are because it’s impossible to lie to ourselves. Only then we can create positive mindset.

Some tips how to do it: 

 Silence internal critic

Some days an internal critic appears in our head and starts telling us some really bad things such as we will never achieve results, lose weight or be good enough. The more you allow that voice tell you these things the more often it appears. It turns to a habit and starts to be really hard to get rid of it. .

What to do?  Firstly you can make friends with yourself and let it gently guide you toward your goals. Try to say to yourself more and more good things. Sometimes it’s really hard to say something good if you had a bad day for example. But even then you can find something that you have done great. Maybe it will be a small detail but worth the positive evaluation. Step by step our mind will create a new habit which will help us feel better.

 Reduce the amount of external negative information

This includes all negative information that you say/write about others or what you read on internet (almost all news websites offer a lot of negative information). What does that information do to us? It creates a lot of fear inside of us. After reading or speaking about negative information we feel without energy, angry and scared. It doesn’t help creating positive mindset. And it’s also only a habit. 

I stopped reading the news on internet 3 years ago. I need to say that my mood and energy level after this increased significantly. Now when I accidentally read a peace of news once a month or two I feel the difference immediately.

The same rule exists when we speak negatively about others, it‘s also a bad habit which doesn't help improve our mood. If you cannot change anything when you talk negatively or read bad news, what’s the purpose to do it in the first place?

So how to change this habit? Just stop yourself from reading bad news or speaking negatively about other persons. Save your energy for watching inspiring movies, reading really good news and saying compliments to others. So first of all we need to change our actions, how we think inside and act outside of our body. Then we can learn new habits which help us create positive mindset. Positive mindset helps us achieve better results, have more energy, motivation, be healthier and fitter and gives everything you want. It‘s definitely worth trying it.

We always have a choice how to act in different situations. My experience says when you change your approach to life then it changes. It works for fitness, but it’s also great in other life areas. 

Tell your opinion what you think about it.

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About the author

A Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200H) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS).

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