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Today I want to present to you a beautiful and very sporty girl from who we can learn secrets of sport.

So let’s start from the beginning: I met Indre when we were dancing together in various TV shows. It was great and very entertaining time. Lots of laughs, exciting tours and useful experiences. As I remember Indre had always been beautiful and had long legs. It surely was an advantage in her model career and in a sport.

Over the years, our group of girls went different ways in their lives. Time flies very fast and it’s a lot of fun to remember all those times. But it’s even more interesting to create new things and meet new life challenges. Today we intend to talk about it.

So I decided to talk with this girl because she can inspire many of us with her achievements in sport. Now she is a Triathlon Athlete who won a number of medals and can tell us a lot about the sport.

So I really want to share this interview with you and find out all the secrets of the sport from the first hand.

  • How did sport come into your life? Why did you start working out?

When I was 11 I started athletics. The only thing I wanted to do was running and competing against other athletes. From school straight to athletics. On top of that, I started taking dancing classes and it turned into non-stop marathon. I trained from Monday to Sunday and I never skipped a single day of training.

Then at the age of 17, I started modeling but it was too difficult with traveling and training so I dedicated myself to modeling only. But even then I used to run every time I could. In my suitcase I always had a pair of running shoes.

Currently I’m living in Spain, Ibiza. Here I came to work and I fell in love with this place. About 5 years ago I joined one running club and started winning most of the races. A few years ago I started doing Triathlon.

  • Which physical activities do you like the most?

Running, probably because I have practiced it since I was little and actually I’m best at running. 

  • I know you have a lot of great achievements in running. Could you tell us about them?

I’m my age group athlete and triathlete. Here in Ibiza I try to participate in all the competitions I can and I would lie if I was saying that I don’t want to be the first. I’m not always the best but I really try and do my best to end up on the podium. That is the kind of motivation for my daily training.

Next Sunday I’m running marathon in Barcelona. In a few months I will have my first triathlon this year but the main competition will be in October – European Championship of Half Distance Triathlon (2km swimming – 90 cycling – 21running).

  • Which benefits do you get from your workouts? How does sport affect your life?

Sport is my life. It’s the same thing as breathing for me. I just need it every day. It’s a kind of meditation, makes me feel relaxed.

  • I’m interested in your opinion: what is the most important thing to do then you want to achieve your fitness goal?

I would say – consistency and dedication. It has to be a part of your day, of your life and become an obsession.

  • Is sport only for improving the appearance of the body or does it also help to improve our mental state?

Absolutely! It can change your mental state as you become more patient, relaxed, much more organized and definitely it calms you down.

  • How do you motivate yourself to continue your workouts?

Yes, that’s the most important part in sports – Motivation! Sometimes I just have it in me and sometimes I get motivated by other athletes.

The moment your motivation is gone it becomes difficult to train and get better. Also for me every competition is additional motivation for my daily training.

  • How often do you work out per week and is it enough for you? How does your routine look like?

Actually, that depends on the month and a competition I’m preparing for. Some months I have to do lots of hours of training for the Volume and some months are for quality training (interval training).

Minimum 2 sessions of training per day. For example, it can be running and swimming. I usually start by 7 am, then most of the time I work and when I’m done with work I go back to training again (be it swimming, cycling or gym).

For example today my workout routine was the following: 7:00 am 1h15’running + 2 hours of cycling and once I’m home I always dedicate around 20’ for core exercises.

  • Is it true that you are training other people right now? What kind of classes do you give and where can people find you?

5 years ago I started giving power Pilates classes at the studio (@energiiibiza) where I am currently working and I do personal training indoor or outdoor. I really like doing my job and motivating other people. It is a pleasure for me to see them happy and getting better. My classes at Energii pilates reformer are hard and everyone who comes to my classes knows they are going to sweat a lot. 

A year ago I started my personal blog on Instagram as @indre027 there you can find some daily motivation, some exercises or just simple inspiration.

Thank you, Indre!

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