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Your Favorite Workout Results

A competitor/Player

Your type is a competitor/player. You really like to compete with others and your biggest motivation is competition – most importantly when you can win a race.

A healthy competition is a really good motivation to stay active. So what does healthy competition mean? When you know your limits and you don't harm your body. It's very normal and good to have a desire to be better than you were yesterday. This way, you can improve yourself and have better statistics. So for you, the best activities are those that require competition.

You can consider individual sports such as golf or team sports such as basketball. If you find the game which really suits you and you can compete with others, it's very likely you will stick with it for a long time. You will not need additional motivation. Also, some outside activities such as hiking or running also can be worth considering.

If you do not like games, and prefer more classic workouts, you can download some apps and compete with others virtually. For example, Endomondo collects your workout statistics and you can compete with strangers or friends. Who is going to do more workouts this week? Who is going to run more kilometers today? Of course, you need to be smart and know your limits.

Another piece of advice if you do not want to use apps is to organize some matches with your friends (indoors or outdoors) and play games while competing with each other. Do not forget to establish some prizes for winners. Below, you can find some activities that are related to your favorite type. Just try some of them and see which you like the most.

Which physical activity is best for you?

Your favorite type of workout is light-moderate intensity. You do not like cardio exercises as much as lighter pace workouts. Light-moderate intensity workouts help you achieve your goals. There is a huge amount of this type of workout, which you can do indoors and outdoors. Here are some examples that you can try and see how you feel. Remember: if you do not feel good in your workouts, just try something new (even if it's not in your list or you have never tried it).

As you like competition, you can consider playing some group or individual games where you can compete with others.

Try these activities:

  • Golf
  • Swimming
  • Horse riding
  • Kayaking
  • Gymnastics
  • Table tennis
  • Beach volleyball.

Or try virtual competitions:

  • Walking (steps challenge),
  • various fitness exercise challenges.

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