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Your Favorite Workout Results

Fitness enthusiast

You are a real fitness enthusiast. You probably already have some goals that you want to achieve and you are considering the best ways to reach your goal. Fitness journeys can be hard and long, but it's much easier when it is pleasant and joyful. That is why the most important thing is to find ways to make this journey interesting. It strongly depends if we have activity which we really enjoy. This way it's much easier to reach our fitness goals.

As a fitness enthusiast, for you it is really important to have a plan how to reach your goals. Write down which goal you want to achieve in your fitness journey in three months. Plan your workouts in detail (when and where you will workout, what tools and clothes will you use and so on). Also create motivational articles and inspirational people lists, – can be very helpful for the days when you do not want to work out. While interesting activities can help you stay motivated, an accurate plan can help stick to your routine even if you are not in the mood. So for fitness enthusiasts, it's really important to have both: a plan (how you achieve your goals) and a favorite activity (to make this journey more pleasant).

Below, you can find some activities related to your favorite type. Remember: sometimes it takes time, while we find activities which really suit us. But when we find them, the fitness journey can be amazing.

Which physical activity is best for you?

Your favorite type of workout is high intensity. You do not like light-intensity exercises as much as cardio workouts. High-intensity workouts help you achieve your goals. Here are some examples of activities you can try and see how you feel.

Remember: if you do not feel good in your workouts, just try something new (even if it's not on your list or you have never tried it).

Try these activities:

  • Dance, aerobics or Zumba classes,
  • any other cardio workouts,
  • various fitness exercises,
  • lifting weights,
  • using your body weight for resistance,
  • weight machines at a gym,
  • crossfit,
  • HIIT,
  • circuit training

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