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Your Favorite Workout Results

A fan of well-being

You are a fan of well-being. You want to feel better inside (have better health, energy and mood). So you always focus on inner feelings and it's the most important for you.

You don't have big fitness goals related to your external appearance. The most important thing is to stay active in order to keep in better health.

In your case, the best options include adding some simple activities to your routine. For example: walk everywhere or, when possible, change car/bus travel to foot and bicycle. Walking is one of the easiest ways to stay active and it's very easy to add it in your day routine. In particular, walking in nice surroundings can create really good feelings. A more energetic activity would be running. You can do it in the gym or outside as well. Running not only helps you to lose weight but also helps you to feel much better inside.

Other simple ways to be more active and feel good: cycling, climbing stairs and playing some games in the park. As the main goal is to feel better inside, just focus on the activities which you really like and after which you can feel good energy inside your whole body. It doesn't matter how intense your activity is as long as you like it and it attains your goal: to stay active and feel better.

 Below you can find some activities which are related to your favorite type. Just try some of them and see which you like the most.

Which physical activity is best for you?

Your favorite type of workout is light-moderate intensity workouts. You do not like cardio exercises as much as lighter pace workouts.

Light-moderate intensity workouts help you feel better inside first of all. There is a huge amount of this type of workout, which you can do indoors and outdoors. Here are some examples  that you can try and see how you feel.

Remember: if you do not feel good in your workouts just try something new (even if it's not on your list or you have never tried it).

Try these activities:

  • Pilates,
  • Callanetics,
  • yoga,
  • dance,
  • walking,
  • various fitness exercises at a light pace,
  • stretching.

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