Have you ever had horse riding experience?

A few years ago I had a photoshoot with a horse. (Cover photo of this article [photographer]) And that‘s it. It seemed to me very dangerous and unsafe. After this experience, I didn't try riding a horse anymore.

One day (just few months ago) my friend offered me to go to another city and ride a horse (like a group tour to the village and the beach). I need to say that I am that kind of person who doesn't like supporting companies that provide animal entertainment (such as zoos, circuses or oceanariums). For this reason, I read a lot about this horse stable. And I’m glad that everything was fine enough there.

I also had a lot of worries just thinking about horse riding alone. Thoughts in my head span around: what if I am not able to control the horse, what if the horse is too active. But I said yes because I wanted to try it one more time and overcome my fear.

The next day my friend, her sister, my husband and I traveled to another city and I could not imagine what to expect. Near the end of our goal we were lost somewhere on the road because of misguided GPS directions. Somehow we entered the narrow path that led us to the horse ranch. It looked like from a book or a movie: the stable in the village was surrounded by mountains and nature. But there was one funny thing: to us it seemed that the horses were not as big as we were usually used to see in our country (maybe it was just another breed). Of course, for horseback riding beginners it was a very good way to practice.

So at first we had the opportunity to practice in a small backyard. It was funny when all the horses kept marching one after the other just as we had to walk in kindergarten as kids. Another funny thing is that my husband was very self-confident when it came to horse riding. But as soon as he sat down on a horse his face changed. He froze and I could not see any emotions on his face. He said only one thing: I expected it to be much easier. 

Horse Stable

Our real journey began when we left the backyard and went into open fields. We were a group of maybe ten people on horses and there were also three horse riding guides. On that day we didn’t enter the beach but it was beautiful enough in the village. We went through swamps or small water pools, through larger and smaller walking tracks surrounded by small villages and nature.

We had the opportunity to independently manage our horses. It was a really nice and challenging trip. We spent about an hour in total riding the horses. I liked this experience very much because I felt like in old times when people used to ride horses in villages. That sense of nature, freedom and communication with the animal was amazing. I need to say that my fear went away when I sat down on the horse. I just felt that everything would be ok.

After this journey we decided to visit one small city Cullera which was on our way home. We wanted to visit the mountain but we didn't have the time and energy to do it on foot. So we decided to go by car to the top of the hill. And there we went for a small walk. I have already been to this place 4 times but every time I like it. From the hill you can see wonderful views of the sea, the city and other mountains. A really relaxing and inspirational place.


This day was active enough but I think we felt tired because we spent 2 or more hours on the road and it took away energy. Of course, we were tired of good new emotions as well.

What new experiences have impressed you recently?

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