Hurry seems to have become a natural state these days. And if you do not hurry up and do not do 10 jobs at once, it may seem like you do nothing. Nowadays, it’s not enough to know one field and happily work in one job throughout your life. Technology is improving and human life is changing.

We need to be more flexible and able to quickly change ourselves and adapt to innovation, which requires continuous learning and development in different aspects of life. It seems technology and our knowledge should give us more freedom and time, but on the contrary we are getting imprisoned, addicted and having less time.

One more thing, if you are a perfectionist, like me, it all seems much more complicated. I once thought that this quality was a cool thing in helping me do work better, but over the years I realized that this trait could ruin any person‘s development. The constant desire to do the work better can not only exhaust but also stop us from doing it right.

Actually, I was a perfectionist all my life, until one day I heard a great phrase: better done not very well, than not done at all. Then little by little I began to let myself make mistakes and the work began to move faster. OK, but this is another topic. Today I wanted to talk about how to help ourselves relax from the rush, from the heavy workload and from such character traits as perfectionism etc. In my opinion, such a way of life is healthy neither to the physical nor to the spiritual body. So how to help ourselves?

Below I will describe some things which always help me 100% and just because of these things, I can have good rest. However, this does not mean that these methods are suitable for everyone. Everyone is different, so everyone can have their own ways of relaxation. I can share my ways, which may also be suitable for you. So, mine are the following:


For me it means a lot, it’s like meditation, like a break from the problems and ability to look at everything from aside. Also, it allows me to discover new places and sports. In essence, there is no big difference where to walk, whether it’s a park or a city street or a beach. Each place is interesting in its own way. Movement alone is the most important thing and it helps relax, breathe fresh air and slow down for a short time. The movement also stimulates energy circulation in the body, which is why it is very effective.


Recently, it has been my favorite activity. I have never thought that yoga could be so effective. When I tried yoga in difficult moments, even when I had heavy headaches, and I felt huge improvement after class, I just fell in love with this activity. After yoga, I always feel pleasant energy vibration in the body and I am in a better mood. So I like exercising this way, especially as the body improves both physically and mentally.

Reading a book

Books can be different and certainly not all books inspire or give me great feelings and sense of relaxation. However, reading a positive book in a difficult moment always brings good results. Often I have one positive book or another at hand, after reading which my mood improves and I feel relaxed.

Hot tub

Relaxing in a hot bath always helps relax and rebuild my strength. For me, this ritual is like renewal of myself, because the water washes away a lot of unpleasant and bothering thoughts.

Deep breathing

When there is a lot of stress and there is no time or little effort to do more, then deep breathing always helps. After 10 minutes of deep breathing (which can be done anywhere) the body calms down and relaxes. Then you can look at life with more stable emotions and continue to work.

Letting it all go

Well, at those moments when the situation is completely unfavorable to me and I cannot solve it, I try to let it go because I realize I cannot change anything anymore. Sometimes too much control stops the flow of life and natural energy, and when you release everything you relax more. It’s not that easy sometimes, but when there is no way out, I just let go for a day, an hour or at least a minute.

There are several other ways which help me calm down and improve my mood that I have not yet written about because of their lower impact. However, sometimes such activities as driving, active sports, good movies, meditation or honest conversation help relax. Which of these ways to choose depends on the circumstances and my own desire, each situation is different, so the need for relaxation is also different.

I think every person needs to have his own personal relaxation tools to maintain healthy mental and physical health. In these technological times this is especially important. It’s very interesting to find out what ways help you relax and improve your mood, share your comments in the comment field.

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About the author

A Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200H) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS).

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