June 11, 2021

Last year we visited a wonderful place. Very quiet, relaxing and with amazing views of nature. It was a great escape from the city and a refreshment for the soul. What

A beautiful and relaxing place in the mountains
Aya Jokub
January 29, 2021

Here on my blog, I probably have more posts about yoga than about other physical activities. After five years, this topic is still interesting to me. Yoga is getting more

Are You an Overwhelmed Mom? Yoga Might Be Your Answer.
Aya Jokub
July 16, 2020

(English and Spanish versions)Have you ever tried African dance?The first time I tried African dance, I got the impression that these dances are intense enough for a great way to

African Dance with Moussa
July 25, 2019

Are you a big yoga fan? Does this activity give you great energy and mood? Do you feel better after doing it? Or maybe you are a yoga teacher yourself

Meet Milana, the most experienced yoga teacher in Lithuania
Aya Jokub
January 24, 2019

Today I want to introduce my friend Marius whom I met here in Spain 2 years ago. I knew that Marius was very active and liked to do sports but

Interview with Marius about the habits which help achieve goals