A wonderful season of spring is coming. Good weather invites us to spend more time outside and enjoy a lot of great activities. It‘s perfect for our bodies. In Spain where I live I begin a marathon of fun activities when spring starts (from supping at sea to cycling or walking long distances in the park). Sometimes it seems that I don‘t need sport anymore.  That‘s my goal – move more, enjoy it and forget you are exercising. It doesn't matter whether it’s a professional sport or just an active way of spending my free time. The body gets benefit from the movement but not from the muscle or the beautiful abdomen. I think it‘s more important to be active than have muscles.

Even when we are enjoying our leisure actively we need to do something to get more benefit to our body. So what should we remember when we are actively spending our free time?

Here are a few very simple things that are often forgotten but very useful to our body and mood:

Drink more water

Water it’s the source of life. I wasn't used to drinking much water before but one day it became a really good habit. As soon as I don‘t drink enough water I immediately feel consequences (headache, less energy, skin change and so on). So water is much more important than it may seem to us. More frequent drinking of water also helps to consume less food.

Try to eat more vegetables and fruits

When I eat my pizza and read this advice somewhere online, I feel guilty and angry because sometimes it‘s easy to say it but hard to do. So I am not the kind of a perfect person who eats very well. I try to do it and I always notice when I eat healthy I feel better. In the eyes of others, I have already made significant progress but I think I still have to improve my eating habits. Food is the basis for how we feel and how our body looks. So, it’s definitely worth doing it to feel better.

Eat slower

Have you ever noticed when you eat slower you eat less? Actually we don‘t need so much food. When we are hungry we can eat a lot. So I always try to eat at a similar time of the day. It helps to reduce hunger outbreaks. It‘s important to learn how to enjoy a meal. Just think about it: Do we often enjoy food and do we often eat consciously? I think if we eat right it can change a lot in our bodies and mood.

Tracking your activities

When you start doing a lot of things (as it happens to me in summer or spring) it‘s always a good idea to track your activity. Otherwise it’s very easy to get lost and not to be sure if we got enough exercise (most often the body itself reminds us about it).  How to track it? We can mark it on our fitness/activities calendar. I created a fitness planning tool, it can also be helpful for this. You can download it below. When a week is full of activities and I don’t have enough time, I usually try to remember everything that I did in my mind and evaluate if I should get more exercise.

Wear comfortable clothes

When I started living more actively I did some changes in the way I dressed. Now when I go to the city (and I know I will walk a lot) I wear sport shoes and I also changed my purse to a backpack. Now it’s simpler to stay more active and feel better. My feet hurt less due to appropriate footwear etc. Believe me, I made a lot of mistakes with unsuitable clothes before. But only now when I fixed these mistakes it brings benefit to my body and it helps me to stay more active.

If we add these simple things to our leisure time it will definitely be useful for our body. We will maintain good routine that will help us achieve the desired results.

Which things help your body get most benefit in your leisure time?

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A Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200H) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS).

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