Good rest is important as much as food or sleep. I am trying to find balance in my life and remember to regularly take small vacation.  Rest can be anything that allows us to relax. Of course, it will be different for every person. 

For me, best relaxation is always in nature or spending time actively and interestingly. However, sometimes when I cannot leave for a long time I need to find ways how to relax in the city. There are more or less similar opportunities to do so in every city. Valencia in Spain in particular has something exciting to offer.

Sometimes a day’s break can turn into great vacation. Below I share my best places which I like in Valencia and for me they are perfect for relaxation.


It is always easier to relax in cities which have sea. Of course it depends on whether you are a sea lover or not. I like beach and sea, it always reminds me of holidays. I don’t like to lie in the beach for long hours, but small walk near the sea is always relaxing. Valencia has some really good beaches, for example I like La PataconaEl Pinedo and a little bit outside of the city there are El Saler and Las Gavines. These latter ones are surrounded with nature and greenery. It is possible to relax more calmly on the beach because this one isn’t very crowded. For walks, this area is also perfect. It is enough to spend one hour here and you may already feel well rested.


Valencia has very beautiful Turia park which used to be a river but now is a nice park with a lot of greenery. The park continues throughout the city and it lasts for about 9 kilometres if you want to go through it. There are many different places and attractions in this park. So everyone can choose what they like (from calm activities to concerts). I mostly like to walk in this park and check out interesting plants, palms, listen to the birds’ songs and to smell the flowers.  It is very relaxing and gives me new strength. It is also very fun to ride a bike in this park. After riding a bike, I not only feel relaxed, but also have moved my body.


Here in Spain it is not popular to go to sauna. I can understand it, because outside in the summer you can feel like you are in one. Most of the spas we have tried were in hotels, because they were probably more for tourists. However I found some really good spas in Valencia. For example, I like Barcelo Hotel spa, it’s very small but a nice one. Their spa is high enough to offer a magnificent panoramic view of the city. I think my favorite one is in Las Arenas Hotel located at the beach. This place is also small, but they have a nice pool outside and the whole spa is very charming. These places don’t have large pools, so pool lovers need to find a different place. Several public pools are open in the city in summer. My body perfectly relaxes in these places, but I mostly go to spa in winter. In summer it is enough to go outside and enjoy Spanish summer weather.


Normally restaurants are hardly tied to idling but here in Spain it is vice versa. Restaurants are more related to having fun and spending good time in them. Here my experience was different compared to where I lived before. So after a long working day I like to meet my friends in some nice restaurants. The environment is very relaxing so you can feel as if you were on a completely different planet where you forget all your work. I like Marina Beach Restaurant, which is by the sea. This restaurant has a charming interior with some nice plant and a pool. You can sit there and see the entire beach and feel light breeze coming from the sea. A really relaxing place. In Valencia even some restaurants in the city center are perfect to feel good vibes and relax.

Which places do you like most in your city?

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