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Author: Aiste Jokub

When you want a healthier snack

It’s not a secret that well-being and health are related to nutrition. Right nutrition always helps to feel better and maintain body shapes. But living in the routine of work and at fast pace of life, it’s easy to forget about healthy snacks and in many cases we lack the time to choose it. It happens to me when there is no time or when I just don‘t want to make food then I choose not very healthy snacks. Then I feel guilt. Although I tell myself in my mind that human beings do not always follow the rules...

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I have never enjoyed sports , for me it was a hard and joyless work. It’s like pushing yourself to do what is not fun. I guess this is because at school (like many children) I was forced to engage in uninteresting sports. Moreover, you needed to compete with others to get a better note or score, to reach better time. Did this approach have a lot of logic and benefit? My experience said no. Everyone had their own individual physical capabilities and, in my opinion, such a system was not suitable for increasing the physical activity of children....

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3 Activities That Will Make you Happier and Fitter

As for me, sport is associated with very hard work and a strong sense of willpower, I always try to look for alternatives to make sport more attractive and not the hardest work. It is possible not to exercise or overload the head with thoughts of physical activity but your body will remind you very quickly about it. Not only the body but also mental health. It has long been proven how much benefit physical activity can bring to human health, improving quality of life, because the body after exercising is filled with endorphins (happiness hormones). And in a...

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Travel to Montanejos

Montanejos is a small town in the mountains (about 70 km from Valencia, Spain) with natural water springs and wild pools. Outstanding views: mountains, cliffs, lots of greenery, clear water. Isn’t it paradise?  What can be done in this mysterious natural space? Everyone can discover various activities according to their needs, from relaxation at pools to extreme swimming in the river with kayaks. We climbed up the mountain in this place and enjoyed wild pools. We walked about 10 km in total, it was not fewer or more than we walked on similar trips. The weather was cooler, it...

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