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Author: Aiste Jokub

Best places to relax in Valencia city

Good rest is important as much as food or sleep. I am trying to find balance in my life and remember to regularly take small vacation.  Rest can be anything that allows us to relax. Of course, it will be different for every person.  For me, best relaxation is always in nature or spending time actively and interestingly. However, sometimes when I cannot leave for a long time I need to find ways how to relax in the city. There are more or less similar opportunities to do so in every city. Valencia in Spain in particular has something...

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What can help you stay consistent when there is no motivation

NO energy, NO motivation, NO good mood – I think we all have these bad days. Sometimes I don‘t know why I am in a bad mood, sometimes I know the reasons. It‘s easier when I know the reasons because I can try to change it. Fitness is something that requires consistency even if I am in a bad mood or don‘t have any motivation whatsoever. But there are several things which can help us continue our workouts and reach the goals. If you feel sick or very tired it‘s normal to skip workouts and just relax. In this...

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Simple ways to do sport on a trip

How do you think is it easier or harder to do sport during a trip? On the one hand, we have more time, on the other hand, it is the time we want to dedicate to other things because that‘s the reason we went on a journey to begin with. When I’m on the trip my entire routine changes: I wake up later and I allow myself to eat less healthy food and I also skip my workouts. Beautiful landscapes, great food, perfect weather, vibrant nightlife and so on –  these things pull us into the beautiful world of...

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Why is yoga my favourite activity?

I have mentioned a couple of times that yoga has become my favourite activity. But it was not always so. In the past I tried yoga several times but I didn’t fall in love with it. To me it seemed like a bunch of exercises and that was it. Later when yoga helped me to relieve migraine or improve my mood, only then I started to believe in it. In other words I needed personal experience to find out what yoga benefits mean for the body and soul. I read some interesting books about yoga to get to know...

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Why is staying active really important to us?

Ask yourself a question: do you feel better after doing a workout? Do you feel more energy? I always answer these questions with a yes and I hope you too. For me, workout seems much more than just a sport. Can it also be emotional healing? I think so. In my life, I had some periods when I wasn’t active and some periods when I was fully active. So if I compare these periods, I see a lot of differences. Yes, first of all, it is the difference in how the body looks but for me the most important...

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A short trip with big adventures or how my dream came true

People have different dreams. From small ones to big ones. We all know that feeling when we want something and sometimes life takes care of everything. I had one dream… I don’t know why I didn’t make it happen before. It was a dream which was supposed come true someday. I always wanted to try traveling with a camper. 😏 I never knew when and how it would happen. Actually, I even forgot about this dream. Until one day… Sunny afternoon we were at one of Valencia beach with friends. We were just enjoying the good weather, when our friend...

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