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Author: Aiste Jokub

3 things you need to know when you start working out

❔ Have you ever experienced the following: you start a new activity, everything seems very well, you are motivated and maybe even achieve some results. You share your experience with your friends and you believe that you have found a way to workout and get results in a fun way. Then something happens and you stop doing it. Maybe you do not like the activity any longer, maybe you do not have time for it or maybe you have your own reasons for stopping. 🔻And later the same happens again. Then you feel demotivated and it’s getting harder to start...

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What can happen in the mountains at night?

Are you afraid of darkness? How would you feel in the mountains at night? Would this be an interesting experience or a scary one? In the dark, surrounded by animal sounds coming from far away. When each rustle causes a wave of thoughts in the head of what it might be. And what if you meet a stranger on the road?… It would not be a very pleasant experience if I was alone in the forest at night. It would feel like a horror movie. So, what would you say to a friend who suggested going on a night...

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Wanderlust 108 Madrid. My honest review

Wanderlust is the name of the festival which takes place worldwide. The event includes three main things: meditation, yoga and 5k running. Organizators call it The World’s Only Mindful Triathlon. This is a gathering of people who want to live a healthier and more active life. My friend showed me Wanderlust which was supposed to take place after two days in Madrid. There was too little time left to plan everything but something inside pushed me to go there. So we planned our trip and decided to go to Madrid which was 350 kilometres from our home. I am very...

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Interview with professional fitness instructor Greta

I met Greta accidentally but I know it was for a reason. We found a lot in common about active lifestyle. It’s great to get to know new people who like the same things and can be inspiration for others. Greta is a fitness instructor, physiotherapist and sport nutrition specialist and has a passion of active lifestyle. She believes in healthy movement and its advantages for both physical and mental health. Her goal is to promote healthy physical activity among people who are leading sedentary lifestyle. That’s why I decided that sharing her knowledge about sport can help others...

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How to turn exercise into a habit?

Sometimes it‘s really hard to do workouts and maintain motivation. But there is one solution which can replace everything completely. However it‘s simple to name it but hard to do. Worth trying, though. Turning exercises into a habit helps to do it constantly. It’s like teeth cleaning (we don‘t need additional motivation), we just do it. It’s very similar to sport. If you start doing it constantly, one day it turns into a habit. Then everything is easier. So many times I heard and saw how people wait for motivation and then stop exercising because it never comes to...

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Interview with Lisa. Is volleyball a great way to exercise?

What do you associate volleyball with? Volleyball to me seems like nice time on the beach. It’s really weird that I do not really like any kind of sport which involves playing with the ball. However, beach volleyball looks interesting because the activity is outdoors and here in Spain good weather is just a normal thing. Maybe that’s why a lot of people like it.  I have to admit that I have not tried it here in Spain yet. I think after finding out more about it I could probably consider playing it. I have also heard that many...

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