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Author: Aiste Jokub

Quarantine period. Live workouts and videos

The Coronavirus lockdown has changed the game for anyone who wants to get some exercise, the most difficult that in some countries the rules are really strict and you can’t exercise in the parks. The only way is to find out how to do it at home. During this special period we should continue exercising because any physical activity can help us stay more positive and survive this difficult period. Switching to a home workout routine isn’t easy, it takes some space and a lot of motivation. Many good teachers and fitness instructors are offering live workouts to help...

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Meet Milana, the most experienced yoga teacher in Lithuania

Are you a big yoga fan? Does this activity give you great energy and mood? Do you feel better after doing it? Or maybe you are a yoga teacher yourself and help others feel better? Or maybe you are just curious to know more about yoga? Then read on… ➡️  This information can be interesting and useful to you. 💯 Recently, yoga has become a big part of my life. This can be seen from my articles. Although I do not always find time for practice, I want to start doing yoga more often. I felt that I needed answers to...

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The best places to eat in Valencia. List of restaurants (including vegetarian options)

Spanish food culture is from another world, people tend to communicate a lot while eating, so good food and tapas are a must in everyday life. That’s why you can find restaurants on every corner in Spain. I discovered some really good ones and bad ones as well while living here in sunny Valencia. It’s time to share them with you. It’s not a secret that I have been vegetarian for about 12 years and sometimes I do experiments and stay vegan. Here in Spain where people like ham and meat in general, it’s not easy to find really...

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Bring benefit to your body in your free time

A wonderful season of spring is coming. Good weather invites us to spend more time outside and enjoy a lot of great activities. It‘s perfect for our bodies. In Spain where I live I begin a marathon of fun activities when sping starts (from supping at sea to cycling or walking long distances in the park). Sometimes it seems that I don‘t need sport anymore. 👍 🙂 That‘s my goal – move more, enjoy it and forget you are exercising. It doesn‘t matter whether it’s a professional sport or just an active way of spending my free time. The body gets benefit...

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Interview with Marius about the habits which help achieve goals

Today I want to introduce my friend Marius whom I met here in Spain 2 years ago. I knew that Marius was very active and liked to do sports but had never talked about details. One evening we were having dinner in a nice restaurant and we were talking about activities and sports, how important they are in our life and how to develop good sport habits. Through this evening I found out new information about planning, implementation and achievement of goals in sport. About very interesting activities too. I realized that he perfectly organizes his sport routine and...

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How to create positive mindset

How do you think is it important to have positive mindset? Does it help us achieve better fitness results? ❔ In my opinion good mindset is the first and the most important thing in our fitness journey. If we look positively at ourselves and our body we can do more and enjoy the process on the way.  First of all I want to say, we all have bad moods and feelings. It’s normal to feel them all and more important is to allow them to be. Negation of reality creates more conflict inside. What we need is just to accept...

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