FITaFUN - Get FIT and Have FUN

FITaFUN is an exclusive community for women who would like to start working out, have more energy, motivation, time and be more productive.

It is a community that supports and inspires!

The goal is not only to create a beautiful body, but also to feel healthier.

FITaFUN is a place connecting trainers with clients

Here, every woman can find:

  • interesting live-stream workouts from professional fitness trainers and yoga teachers
  • useful tools that help to start exercising, stay motivated, set goals and track progress
  • blog posts with more motivation, tips and inspiration from professionals 

  • Every professional instructor and yoga teacher can find:

    • new clients outside their network
    • easy tools to manage and track classes 
    • and of course, payment for classes

    Now it's much easier to keep working out with
    like-minded people and to reach your goals!

    If you have any questions, you can reach us on Facebook
    (Click on the Messenger icon in the bottom right corner)


I always wanted to enjoy my workouts. However, for me it was always a challenge to stay motivated and keep working out. 

Despite the fact that I had a very active past in the dance world, I still couldn't find the time or I had other excuses to continue not working out. So for several years I looked for all sorts of ways to motivate myself. I found out that simple things like walking gave me more pleasure than "trendy classes" in the gym. Also, fun live-stream workouts gave me more inspiration. That's how I started FITaFUN.

I finally discovered ways that really help me continue working out and stay motivated. In this page you will find all of them and more. 

Join this amazing community of women and let’s exercise together!

Aiste Jokub smile

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