The purpose is to help my followers found favorite activity and get fit with fun! 
Interesting physical activities motivate us more and help us achieve our goals (perfect body, better health and mood)


My first steps to move gracefully began quite early. I started dancing when I was 7 years old and in my childhood I won first place in the ballroom dancing competition. From then on my dance passion started. I danced for about 10 years of my life in different styles (from folk dances to show dances on TV projects).  I also finished group fitness education and have B license of aerobics.

After school, I finished business management studies and started my own small business. Now I am working in digital marketing field (since 2012) and I am also a co-owner of digital marketing agency.


  • Would you like to workout with joy?
  • Would you like to find your best workouts?
  • Would you like to have a perfect body, good health and feel harmonious inside?

I always wanted these things, but sometimes it was very hard to stay motivated and continue doing workouts. For me, it was always a challenge. I knew that movement is human nature and very important to us so I always wanted to add more activities to my life and feel better. I tried different workouts and noticed that simple movement with joy can bring great benefits. It is not necessary to push yourself just to find the activities you love. This is my formula for feeling well which I want to share with you.

Join me and let’s grow together!

Aiste Jokub smile