People have different dreams. From small ones to big ones. We all know that feeling when we want something and sometimes life takes care of everything. I had one dream… I don’t know why I didn’t make it happen before. It was a dream which was supposed come true someday.

I always wanted to try traveling with a camper. I never knew when and how it would happen. Actually, I even forgot about this dream. Until one day…

Sunny afternoon we were at one of Valencia beach with friends. We were just enjoying the good weather, when our friend told us that they were going to travel with a camper and asked us if we wanted to join them. I didn’t even consider it and said yes right away. Then I felt that my dream was coming true.

So on Friday in the afternoon we met and our trip started at around 5 p.m. We decided to do a small 3 night’s trip not far away from our home city Valencia. I think in total we did 300 km. As it was for the first time it was perfect. All 3 nights we slept at different beaches. It was so nice.

The camper was spacious enough. A small kitchen, a shower, a restroom, a table with chairs and 2 double beds fit into it. We even had a refrigerator, a gas stove and an oven. Just like at home. It had nice interior and it was very cosy. The place was enough for four people and two dogs.

Just started our trip

So we started our journey with great first impressions. The goal was to find a place to stay for the night. We wanted to find a camping near the sea. It seemed we found it. From the spectacular parking place you could see the whole coastline. When we came to the camping area we found out that it was unfortunately closed. A bit upset we continue looking for the next one. Luckily there was very big camping nearby.

The sun was already set and it was dark. So we had to be quicker to find a place to stay for the night. When we arrived at that big camping place everything looked like from another world. It seemed that people had been living there for many years.

Laundry was hanging all around and people were walking in pajamas or bathrobes. Some of the campers were decorated very strangely. Some of them had their own yards which were full of things. The campers were parked so close to each other it seemed you could shake your hand with a neighbor through the window. There were hundreds of them in this place. It seemed you could easily get lost. Actually, in the dark, the whole camping place looked like a scary movie. On top of that it was too expensive to stay in this place. So we decided to drive further.

Because it was already dark and there were no more camping areas around we started looking for a place at the sea and stay there instead. It was not easy at first because you couldn’t park anywhere where you wanted.

We found one secluded place on the map and we were already on the way there. The road started narrowing and it became difficult to drive trough. We were alone in the darkness, on an unknown road where only trees and shrubs surrounded us. What was the worst that could happen? Yes, we were lost.

Luckily we arrived at the house where one camper was parked in the yard. A man from this camper came to help us turn around on a small road. He told us that this little yard is a private camping place. This place could only fit 4-5 campers, so it was a perfect place for us. Besides it was on the seafront. We were tired but happy. We were in a wonderful place by chance.

Sometimes it seems that life itself helps you discover the best things!


In the morning we could see all beautiful surroundings. We could use the outdoor shower and restroom that belonged to the camping. The shower was very funny and charming, it seemed like I got into The Flintstones’ home.

In the morning 

The same man gave us, newcomers, a lot of good advice, showed us how to connect electricity and so on. He told us that he had driven a camper for 10 years. I felt close to this man. Common interests and things unite and everyone feels like one family.

We spent some time at the beach and went to the beautiful white city Altea. After a little walk, we came back to our camper in the evening. We needed to get going and look for a new place to stay for the night.

Beautiful small city Altea 

Now we were more daring and we knew that we would definitely find a beautiful place. The first place we arrived was very high on top of the hill. It was very beautiful but to me it also looked very dangerous. The slopes of the mountain were steep and without any protection. For someone having vertigo (like me) this was not the best place to stay. 

True love. Dogs follow their owners 

So the second place we reached was at the sea. A beautiful place with the colorful surrounding. It wasn't a camping place but we found 2 campers there. So we decided to stay there for the night. We were so close to the sea that I felt like in a ship all night. It was hard to sleep because of the wave noise.

Morning was so perfect.  I got up very early and walked along the seashore. Peace and quiet – that’s how the morning at the sea looked like. We spent the whole day in this place. We enjoyed the sea and did supping. I felt as a nature child and that feeling was awesome.

Suping near Denia

Even our dogs who had a lot of activities during the day were completely tired.

Our best models

We had one last night left. So we wanted to go closer to our home city Valencia. On the way there we got a message saying that in our city it was raining so we went to another town and again tried to find a camping place.

We found several but we didn't like them. However we went closer to our city with the hope that we would not get into the rain. When we arrived the air was fresh and it wasn’t raining. We saw some lightning and that was it. It was another great night at the sea.

Very huge croissant for dessert 

Next morning we came back to our home.

The trip was short but gave us a lot of good experience and relaxation. You can discover a lot when you do not plan anything and just let life take care of everything. It’s generally not easy for me. But in this journey I could learn how to let everything go and just relax.

On every trip I can learn a lot but I understand that in spontaneous moments I can learn the most. So I think this trip will stay in my memories for a long time. Do I want to try it again? Yes definitely!

Of course, a Big thank you to our friends who invited us to this adventure and who were great companions throughout the trip! 

Which trip is the most memorable for you?

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