Last year we visited a wonderful place. Very quiet, relaxing and with amazing views of nature. It was a great escape from the city and a refreshment for the soul. 

What could be better than nature, healthy food, yoga therapy and amazing company? This place is magical. There is absolutely nothing around but the mountains.

I immediately realized that I wanted to tell others about this place as well. But it’s best to learn first hand. So I introduce you Casa Tarsan and its founders Eric and Nikita. Read more about them and their wonderful place Casa Tarsan.

I know you’ve traveled a lot. Why did you choose Spain as your place of residence?

We love the tranquil vibe Spain has, the beautiful nature and the many hours of sunshine!

How did you come up with the idea of Casa Tarsan? Was it a dream?

Eric (my partner) and I both had the dream of starting a hotel space. This idea grow into a thing that fits well with our other passions: an Eco Lodge. Where we live off-grid, in harmony with nature. 

Here we following our hearts. Which is teaching Yoga, Reiki and dancing for Nikita. And preparing amazing plant-based food, DJing and playing the hang drum for Eric. Our dog Woofer just loves to welcome the guests. And our newest member, baby Saoirse, loves smiling at people and spending time in nature.

How long did it take to find this beautiful place and to open the hotel?

We were searching hours and hours online for places. The moment we arrived at Casa Tarsan (it was already named like this) we know this is the place! We actually had about 20 other viewings around Spain but we knew when we arrived here. This is it!

You live almost completely ecologically (rainwater, solar panels). Does it require more time for maintenance and preparation?

Yes, it does require some extra time. As you need to be conscious about when to use which machines. As we can't use everything at once. However, we enjoy living with nature. Has it been raining? Yes! We can catch up with laundry. Is it very sunny? Yay, we can use the jacuzzi and enjoy the solar energy to the fullest.

You live surrounded by nature in the mountains, do you miss big cities? Would you change your current life to city life?

Absolutely not. We meet in Amsterdam. So we are used to living in big cities. However we feel much more aligned with what we really love here in nature. Where there is no distraction. And peaceful views everywhere.

I have seen many different activities (yoga, retreats, reiki, massages, etc.) taking place in the Casa Tarsan. Can you tell more about it? What yoga classes / retreats can people expect in the Casa Tarsan?

The idea is that people can enjoy with their partner and also join in on daily Yin Yoga classes. Enjoy a Reiki treatment, or even get the first level of Reiki during their stay. I notice myself after travelling a lot and doing tons of trainings, classes and yoga related activities that it is harder to do this when you are together. That is why I love the idea of having a romantic holiday together. While also joining in on classes and activities. 

The retreats that we host are mainly together with other yoga teachers that came to us and wanted to host their retreat with us. Basically all of them are friends. We love our conscious tribe the mountain has brought to us.

How did yoga come into your life? How did you decide to become a yoga teacher, Nikita?

Yoga plays a super important role in my life. I started doing yoga when I needed it the most. It was in 2013. I experienced a lot of back pain. At that time I was super busy with my study while coping with the loss of my mother. When I was 16 I experienced a big car crash. Because of that my arm is shorter now. Which literally means I was out of balance. Yoga helped me to quiet my mind. And re-balance my body. I was so amazed by how it helped me that I decided to go to India after my study and dive deeper into it. 

Here I joined my first teacher training. Basically just to get to know my own body as I thought that I could never be a teacher because my body isn't perfect. Yoga taught me this isn't true and now I love teaching. And know everybody is perfect, with it all its imperfections. This message I love to bring to my students as well.

Which yoga style is your favorite? What benefits do you feel after the practice?

My favorite style is Yin Yoga. I love a relaxed, meditative style as it brings to most balance to my active lifestyle. After the practice I feel my body is opened up. I’ve released tensions and stress and feel super peaceful. Because of my practice I’m much more calm, grateful and in the moment.

Are you going to organize some other events in Casa Tarsan?

We will have daily yin classes for our guests and workshops. Also we will be hosting a Reiki initiation and Yin Yoga retreat. Which will all be published on our website: casatarsan.com

What kind of people are coming to Casa Tarsan? Do they usually want to relax or participate in retreats / other activities?

Most of our guests are couples that are looking for a nature escape. Most of them join the Yin Yoga class as a way to fully relax and let go. Our guests enjoy our jacuzzi, hikes and often they like to have a Reiki treatment too.

Casa Tarsan is offering completely vegan food. The food is amazing, very nicely presented and tasty. Are you both vegan? How long? Why did you decide to eat vegan?

Yes, we are both plant-based and very passionate about it! We have been vegan for 3 years now. I (Nikita) have been vegetarian from about 18 years old. Going vegan was the long wanted next step. However, it was hard to resist the delicious eggs with cheese Eric made at that time for our guests. Because Casa Tarsan started vegetarian, with our own chickens for happy eggs. My reasons to go plant-based are the animals, the environment and my health.

Eric wanted to try veganism to lose some weight. And, after watching cowspiracy he felt really bad for the animals. Going vegan helped him lose weight and he loved not needing to harm any animals. He now is super passionate about showing how you can eat super tasty and healthy as a vegan too. 

What do you think is your secret to success?

We always follow our heart!

What is your further idea and vision about CasaTarsan?

Honestly we are spreading our horizon. This will be the last season in Casa Tarsan. As we are growing and expanding to Costa Rica. Where the nature is next level! Here we will start a similar but slightly bigger retreat center in an Eco Village called: “Alegria” which means happiness. Which will be one big food forest. With lots of families, healers and yoga teachers. 

Especially now we have little baby we like to live in bigger community. We are excited to share our passions there. We will be doing the same but now in a Costa Rican Food Jungle. We love to see you there too!

Thank you!

More information about CasaTarsan you can find here.

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