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Some people like to plan everything in their lives, I’m also that kind of a person but I know that others like to just live life impromptu. All ways to live life are good if they help the person to move forward and they can have benefits from it. You need to put an effort in order to achieve fitness goals, so the question is how to do it easier and simpler. I think when we plan and implement our tasks every day, we not only see our progress but at the same time we gain more confidence in ourselves.

Fitness is not always my favorite activity, it often requires much effort. I try to forestall all negative thoughts and pre-plan everything, then I have no time talk to debate with myself and find excuses not to workout. It’s much easier to achieve goals that way.

Since many times I’ve lost my motivation, I’ve been looking for ways to help keep myself engaged until the lack of motivation catches up with me.  So far planning has really helped me to maintain discipline and achieve the desired goals. Today I want to share my effective ways to plan workouts.

Set Duration

The most important thing for me is to set the workout duration. How long will I do my workouts? A month, half a year or more? Setting of duration makes our dreams and desires for the clearer goals more specific. 3 month periods work best for me. When I see the final point, it’s easier to stay motivated and continue working out. Setting duration of short terms also helps achieve fitness goals.

Add Workouts to Daily Schedules

The second thing is deciding on which day I want to do workout and add it to my planner. It is said that planning workouts and trips are necessary before planning any other work, otherwise, you will never have time for your personal needs, such as sports.

I try to follow this advice and when I plan my week’s work, first of all, I always add lunch and workouts time. I like exercising before my work in the morning, so later I have all day for other important tasks. I usually plan my sports routine for a week and try to stick to this plan, however, I make exceptions in cases when I feel bad or there is an unexpected event, then I allow myself to behave as the situation requires at that moment.

Plan What To Do in Workout

If you have a sports program, this point may not be relevant. If you do not, then it’s not enough to include workouts to daily schedules. In my opinion, it is also important to know what exactly will be done during each workout. What kind of workout will it be (yoga or fitness), as well as specify what exercises will be required to do. If we leave what to do for the last minute, then any motivation may disappear.

I did it several times, but now I try to anticipate the actions of my workout. This point is especially relevant to people doing workouts at home or on travel. When we have a lot of freedom to choose, it may be difficult to concentrate and other things can grab our attention. A preliminary knowledge of what kind of workout will be it helps to do it more quickly.

Prepare Fitness Clothes in Advance

This tip saves me a lot of time. Especially when I do the workout in the morning. I used to have situations when it took me additional time to find clothes which led me to lose my motivation. So, it is very helpful when there is lack of motivation. When it’s time to do sports and everything is ready, there’s no way to get out. Such a simple thing, but it works so efficiently.

It’s not possible to plan everything in your life, you can set the guidelines, but do not stress if something does not happen according to plan, just make needed changes and be flexible.

Another important tip is measuring your results and seeing the differences,  we can extend our motivation for longer and achieve our goals faster. I wish you that! 

Share your opinion about planning workouts, does it help you move forward?

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About the author

A Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200H) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS).

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