As for me, sport is associated with very hard work and a strong sense of willpower, I always try to look for alternatives to make sport more attractive and not the hardest work. It is possible not to exercise or overload the head with thoughts of physical activity but your body will remind you very quickly about it. Not only the body but also mental health. It has long been proven how much benefit physical activity can bring to human health, improving quality of life, because the body after exercising is filled with endorphins (happiness hormones). And in a way you become addicted to this pleasant dose that you can feel in your entire body. How to start moving gently, with joy and easily? Just start engaging in any physical activity that’s good for you. And if you do not know exactly what’s going on here, I will take a look at 3 activities which are not only for beautiful body lines.

First of all, in order to maintain a higher level of motivation, search for a partner who wants to move with you which is a great help in sports. Then you are committed not only to yourself but also to another person. Doing sport together is not only fun but also is many times more efficient. A partner‘s support can help when you break up emotionally and especially when there is no motivation at all. So take a friend and go! Begin in the field and then move from there.

1. Rollers skating

Nowadays this is almost a forgotten affair. Many of us have tried rollers skating in our childhood and probably we remember how fun it was to ride with friends, but it was a long time ago and it looked like a dream. However, it is worth to try them at least once. What happened to me is that one day I decided that I would like to remember how to do it. I tried it and it was not easy. The first ride was very slow, tense and careful, but only because skills needed to be relearnt. And with each time it became easier and easier. A million impressions, so time runs out so fast that you do not even notice how time is gone. And that is exactly what we need – we do not have to count every second like we do when we do not exercise, but to simply enjoy life. Apart from this, we get an intense physical activity. It is said that roller skating for one hour burns 350 calories and make many muscles in the body work. So it’s worth a try, at least once.

2. Supping

This sport requires getting into the water, but it’s just another chance to stay in the wild and in a pleasant environment. For me this exercise is unrelated to sports, it’s like meditation, relaxation, and recreation in nature. However, the next day, when the whole body hurts I understand how much physical load my body got. Hands get good exercise because there’s a lot to do with the paddle, but the legs are also involved because you always need to balance on the board, the muscles are tense, so they are trained. It is said that one hour of intense supping with the board burns about 700 calories, which is quite a lot. So at the same time you do sport and rest, isn’t it great?

3. Walking

This last point is my favorite. Walking is much easier than running, but also effective. Walking for me is always rest and adventure, as well as sport. Of course, calories are burned much slower (one hour of walking burns about 150 calories), but it is very helpful for the overall body tone and mood. Walking can be chosen by people who have problems with the heart because the physical load of walking on the heart is much smaller than jogging. Where to go? It is possible to go out into nature and not only make exercise but also get great energy. You can walk in the city and for example exchange a car or a bus for your feet. At this time, I often practice walking to the city center. All in all, I get at least 5km daily, not too much and not too little, I would say the average. But when I have walked I always feel better.

I described three activities that are different but have the same effect on the body: it strengthens, trains and gives a good mood. I don’t stick to one and I always like to try to do something new, this way it helps me to stay more motivated and move more.

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A Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200H) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS).

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